Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse . . .

Well, let’s just say it was an abysmal December for blogging.  For me blogging, that is.  Abysmal, as in an abyss.  An empty abyss.  Hollow.  Void.  Absent.  Cricket . . . cricket . . .

Now, that it’s the New Year, and I’ve proceeded to make a bunch of resolutions (some of which I actually hope to keep, maybe . . .), I’m planning to see more of you all.  (I know, I know, you can’t contain your joy!!!  . . . I’ll interpret your silence as acknowledgment.) 

So, for this blog, my goal (resolution) is to put up new, meaningful content (and not just 7 Quick Takes, as fun as they are . . . Mad props to Jen for inventing them!) at least 2-3 times per month.  Can I do it?  I’m optimistically hopeful (albeit doubtful), but we’ll see!

Speaking of resolutions, I’m sure you are all dying to know what a crazy, Catholic, mad billable hour working, wife and mama of three boys in four years, who clearly is already over-committed and over-extended is “resoluting” this New Year.  Well, I’m so glad you asked.  Overachiever that I am, I tend to set lofty goals for myself.  This year, besides the blog resolution, I’ve decided to focus on four other resolutions (God help me!).  In no particular order:

1.                   Lose the baby weight.  And keep it off.  This one is never fun.  In a week, my youngest will be 6 months old.  And, as one of those people who has the hardest time controlling her weight during pregnancy (I’m only supposed to gain 25-35 lbs., Wha????), I still have a lot of extra meat on the hips (and the thighs . . . and the belly . . . and, well, you get the picture).  I go through this after every pregnancy.  Usually, as soon as I lose the weight, I’m pregnant again and gain it all back.  But I give myself props for at least making the effort.  Back to Weight Watchers I go . . .

2.                  Read the Bible.  All of it.  For the second time, I’ve bought me (rather, my husband bought me for Christmas at my request) one of those 365-day Bibles.  Last time, I left off somewhere just shy of Judges.  Sigh.  This time, I want to get through the whole thing.  In order to keep me motivated and on track, I decided to try a different Bible this year.  A chronological bible.  Meaning it is organized chronologically (well, duh!).  Check it out here.  Okay, now, before all of you die-hard Catholics (and I include myself in this happy group) go hating on me, I realize it is a NIV edition and that it probably (although I haven’t checked) is missing some of the extra books that make up the Catholic Bible.  AND, probably more importantly, I realize that the whole concept behind a chronological Bible requires re-organizing the books, chapters, and even individual Bible verses in order to get the chronology right (including creating one big mega-Gospel).  So, we’re a bit off the beaten track of Christian Bibles, not to mention Catholic Bibles.  I get it.  But here’s the thing: I’ve never read the entire Bible (Catholic or otherwise) before (Aside: Despite spending my entire formal education in Catholic schools, to say that I was poorly-catechized, and even just poorly educated in religion, is a major understatement.  For example, I actually wrote an entire report on birth control and all of the different types as part of my morality class during my junior year of high school.  Which wouldn’t be the worst part if, during the course of writing that report, I actually had learned that the Catholic Church opposes hormonal and barrier forms of contraception.  But I didn’t.  Nor was it mentioned to me . . . Sigh . . . Anyway, I digress.).  Right now, I just want to gain some traction.  And, being the logically-ordered person that I am, I think this whole Bible-reading thing will be more likely to “stick” if I do it in a chronological-type way.  And, because I’m busy and usually tired (and, yes, lazy), I am thinking that things like concordance tables and Bible navigation reading guides may prove just too unwieldy to keep me on track.  So, I’m opting for this idiot-proof chronological Bible.  If I get through it this year, then I’d like to slow down and spend the next few years reading the Bible again in the correct book-order (using a Catholic-approved translation and, hopefully, some good Catholic Bible commentaries).  But one thing at a time.  Baby steps.

3.                  Organize my house.  Simplify.  Clean out files and books and papers.  Scan what is needed and de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter . . . .   And this would be the ultimate resolution for #firstworldproblems.  Sigh.  Try as we (my husband and I) might, our house just collects things.  And papers.  And random odds and ends.  Sometimes, I think that our house is a magnet, and all the junk of the universe is just attracted to it.  Organization, tidiness, and purging is a constant battle.  Unfortunately, we only seem to make up ground on this battlefield when I’m going through my pre-natal, nesting phases.  But it’s time to get organized.  Three born children should be enough motivation to do so.  It’s time to prove that I can be organized all the time, and not just as a side effect of my pregnancies!

4.                  Enter my billable hours regularly.  Daily.  Heck, that is the firm’s policy anyway.  And time entry procrastination creates so much work at the end of the month that it’s overwhelming.  Not to mention the inevitable lost time.  So, daily.  ‘Nuff said.

Whew!  Well, I’ve sure got my work cut out for me.  Anyone else out there want to share their resolutions?

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