Thursday, January 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 5 - Advent and Christmas Moments 2013

Okay, so I may have taken December off from blogging, but I definitely didn’t take December off from enjoying my amazing children and the endless humor they bring to my life.  So start smiling because these “moments” will definitely brighten your day! 

Christmas prep for us began in mid-November.  Despite the liturgical incorrectness of it, my husband is intent on trying to outdo the department stores.  End Result: Insane quantities of Christmas decorations put up faster and sooner every year.  Not my cup of tea, but at least we can agree that stores shouldn’t open on Thanksgiving Day and cut everyone's (shopper and worker alike) family holiday short.

But back to the point: We started decorating the November 16-17 weekend.  Our boys (like father, like son) were so excited to decorate that they hung the ornaments on the tree before we could get the lights up.  Gotta admire the commitment!

While we were unpacking the Christmas decorations, we came across our set of dishes for Santa.  It’s an adorable matching set with a mug for milk, plate for Santa’s cookies, and small plate for Rudolph’s carrot.  However, I guess we didn't really explain the concept of the carrot for Rudolph because, as we were decorating, our preschooler pipes up, "Dada!  Santa loves cookies and milk and carrots!   He loves cookies and milk and carrots!"  Yep, in our house, Santa gets his beta-carotene!

November 16, 2013:  Hubby was talking to our preschooler about Christmas, and somehow the Grinch came up:
My preschooler: “What's a Grinch?”

Hubby: “Well, the Grinch steals Christmas. He takes away all of the gifts and decorations and everything.”

My preschooler: “Oh . . . So he's the devil then.”

He’s actually not that far off, smart kid!

Sunday of the following weekend (November 24) was my husband’s birthday.  So, we decided to take a quick overnight family trip to Walt Disney World.  As a “splurge” gift to hubby (and all of us really), we opted to stay at one of our favorite Disney resorts, the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The front desk, ever cognizant of the birthdays of their annual passholders (and probably because they were not super crowded) took it upon themselves to upgrade us to a savannah view, i.e., a front row seats to the animals (Can I get a woot woot!?!). So we were standing on our balcony looking out at the animals just a stone’s throw away and pointing out which ones we saw. I pointed out the zebra and the giraffe and the gazelle.  Then, my preschooler pipes up – “Look Mom!  There's the man in the golf cart!”  

Yup, we teach them well.

Monday, December 2, 2013:  On the way to school, my preschooler and I were listening to the radio.  On hearing the voice of somebody who apparently sounded to him like Santa Claus, he exclaimed excitedly, "Mom!  Santa is a Deejay too!"

That moment when you look in the mirror in the bathroom at work and realize that the sweater you are (and have been) wearing all day was apparently "stealth" spit up on by your baby without you noticing. Yup . . . That moment.

And, in the TMI category, you know your baby has a cold when you find boogers on your boobs.  Yummy!

Lastly, since we are still in the liturgical Christmas season, I didn’t want to forget to share this absolutely AMAZING a capella rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy Enjoy!

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