My Favorite Blogs

I add to this list regularly, so please check back for more!

My Favorite Blogs:

Pope Francis' "News" (With daily bits from his homilies!)

Notre Dame's "FaithND" (Daily gospel readings with prayer/reflections and the daily saint feast day.)

Jennifer Fulwiler's "Conversion Diary" (So awesome! The first Catholic mom blog I ever started following!)

Collen Martin's "Martin Family Moments" (The second Catholic mom blog I started following!)

Lindsay Burke's "Burke Book" (So much in common, including kids, Catholicism, spacing, and career!)

Kathryn Whitaker's "Team Whitaker" (I just really like this one!)

The Harvard Homemaker (Because we all need to have a role model!)

"Legally Mom" (Some very good law/mom tid-bits here.)

Sarah's Travels With Choppy (Because the idea of taking a year to travel the country with your dog is just COOL! And so far from my daily life.)

Sarah Sitting Down (She is an amazing inspiration. And I need to be reminded to be thankful. Every day.)

Abby's Mom Squad Blog (Because she is an awesome Catholic mom who is a DJ on the best radio station in the world!)

Glennon Melton's "Momastery" (Can't say I always agree with Ms. Melton (because I don't), but, gosh, I sure do like her. Because there is too much "ideal" and not enough "real" on the Internet. Nice to have an antidote.)

My Favorite Blog Posts of All Time:

I suppose I should preface this list by saying that I enjoy a LOT, probably almost all, of the blog posts I read. As that is the case, this list could easily span hundreds of pages. However, there are some blog posts that jump out at me enough that I take the time to bookmark them or to come back to them once, twice, three times, or more. This list is much shorter. Welcome to it.

"Don't Carpe Diem" by Glennon Melton (This is the post I come back to read whenever I am having an awful day as a mom. Every. Single. Time. I realize it was (is?) controversial, but it helps me.)

"It's OK" by Colleen Martin

"The Interrupted Life" by Catherine Claire Larson

"Defined by Kids" by Colleen Martin

"The Assumptions People Make" by Colleen Martin

"Reflection on my Role as a WOTHM" by Michelle

"On being a wife -- By my dear mother -- 'I wish I would have known'" posted by Lindsay Boever

"Keeping and Pondering" by Colleen Martin

"Telling Secrets" by Glennon Melton

"Why My Support for Abortion Was Based on Love. . .and Lies" by Jennifer Fulwiler

"What A Woman in Crisis Really Needs" by Calah Alexander

"Pro-Life in Theory" by Colleen Martin

"Your First Story and Our Miracle" by Jessica

"To the Mother With Only One Child" by Simcha Fisher

"HDYDI: A Mom of 5 (almost 6) Dishes on How She Really Does It" by Kathryn Whitaker

"I Don't Have A Large Family Because NFP Failed" by Michelle

"Not So Great Expectations" by Dwija

"On One Year and New National Traditions" by Glennon Melton

"Christmas Love" by Rachel Balducci

"The Secret to Not Being Overwhelmed" by Jennifer Fulwiler

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