Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Kid Week in Review

Okay, so I was typing up my 7 Quick Takes for the week, but realized I have waaaaaaaaaay too many cute kid moments for one set of takes.  Hence, this post.  It is moments like these that rock my mom-world, so I had to document them.  And, heck, I’m sure you’re hankering for them?  Right?  (Don't answer that.)  So, who am I to deny you?  

-- 1 --

Tuesday morning:

On the drive to school, my preschooler asks: “Mom, why are things smaller that are farther away?”

Me: “Well . . .

(Thinking: Geez, this kid is smart.  And perceptive.  But how the heck do you explain perspective to a little boy?  How do you explain that the things actually aren't smaller but just appear so because they are farther away???).


“In order for us to be able to tell that something is farther away, God designed it so it would look smaller to us. God then designed the things that are closer to us so they would look bigger. That way, we can tell the difference between what is close to us and what is further away. The things that are farther away look smaller, and the things that are closer look bigger.”

The preschooler nodded, accepting the explanation without question (again).  Moral of This Story (and this one): When in doubt as to the scientific explanation, go with God.  Besides, He invented science anyway!

-- 2 --

Thursday morning: On the drive to school, I turned on the radio to find the deejays on my favorite Christian radio station, Spirit FM 90.5, messing around and playing snippets from the iconic, but old, “Who Let the Dogs Out”.  I still don’t quite know how they got on the subject of that song.  But it was funny.  And it’s a funny song. 

As they kept playing snippets, my preschooler suddenly start bobbing his head to the music and belted out (in perfect time with the music, I might add): “Who Let the Dogs Out?  Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof!” 

I can’t even . . . I honestly have NO IDEA where he learned this song.  I think we might need to monitor what he’s listening to more closely . . . but I’m still laughing!!!!

-- 3 --

Unfortunately, my poor two-year-old has been sick this week.  Sick.  Ear infection.  Sinus infection.  And teething (boo to two-year-old molars!).  All inducing fevers and congestion.  UGH!  I stayed home with him on Wednesday (much to the chagrin of my employer, no doubt, considering there are many V.I.P.s from other offices of ours in town, but a mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do . . . Besides, they shouldn’t complain too much given that I was able to bill a bunch of time working while my two-year-old was playing/sleeping, but I digress . . . ).  

We had a nice day together filled with kiddie/sick cuddles, a short Tylenol/Advil-permitted adventure at Kohl’s (They had shoes and baby towels and yoga pants on sale, oh my!  Also?  My two-year-old is a little boy with a lot of energy and not getting out the house at all is a recipe for major disaster!) with him running and me chasing (my Weight Watcher’s Active Link saw a definite swing over my normal activity level during that time!)), and his favorite – grilled cheese sandwiches galore!  As hard as it is for me to miss work, it is good for me to have time with my children that is unexpected, unplanned, and spontaneous.  The firm may not be a fan (and I’ll invariably stress from here until next Tuesday about that), but I do the best I can.

-- 4

What is a polar vortex descending without some adorable bundled up baby pictures to boot?  For those of you who live up North, you probably don’t think much of it, but for us southerners it’s a big deal to bundle up our kids! 

Blue hat, Blue coat, Blue smilin' Eyes!

Particularly when we don’t have much in the way of winter clothes readily available. 

Same bundled baby boy, but much more mismatched!

And he almost, almost, almost, ALMOST has his first teeth!  The bottom two are going to pop through any moment, I swear!

As I mentioned here and here, we went to Disney World last weekend.  The observations my children make never cease to amaze me:

My two-year-old while on Magic Kingdom’s People Mover (which wends inside and outside multiple times): “Oh, what do you know, we are back outside?”

(I think we may need to reduce the amount of time he spends in the company of old ladies because, seriously, who uses that phraseology anymore???)

Then, there was my preschooler while on Magic Kingdom’s Journey of the Little Mermaid.  On spotting Ariel and Flounder, he comments: “Looooook!  There's Ariel and Splenda!”

Hmmmmm, perhaps we eat too much artificial sweetener in our house and not enough fish?  May have to work on that one.

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