Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Calvin and Hobbes Infographic that Stole My Heart

So, it is no secret that I have been spending a lot of time discerning lately. A *LOT* of time, actually.  (For some context, click here.)  And I know I am overdue on an update re: those efforts and where I stand with the changes I am contemplating making to my life. However, in the meantime, I came across this amazing infographic (okay, it probably doesn't meet the "technical" definition of an infographic, but I figure that term wasn't even around a couple of years ago, so it's okay if I use it loosely, right? Right.) today on Facebook and had to share. It brought tears to my eyes. Best parenting/work-life balance message I have seen, especially in a secular context. Mad props to Calvin and Hobbes!  Thought you mamas (and papas) out there would appreciate it.


Gosh . . . I just LOVE THIS!

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